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Diabetes & Exercise – Will exercise worsen my health as I am a diabetic?

Taking a blood sugar test regularly helps monitor your glucose levels, which is the main aspect when keeping a tab on your diabetes control. Keeping a log of your results is crucial because when your diabetes specialist reviews it, you have a good picture of your body’s response to your diabetes care plan. Let’s know more about how you can successfully test and monitor your diabetes.

Blood sugar test:

Self-monitoring for diabetes.

Your diabetes specialist will suggest the frequency of your blood sugar test depending on the ongoing type of treatment, current glucose control in terms of HbA1c (glycated haemoglobin, which determines what your average blood sugar levels are), and the treatment goals established. Accordingly, you can follow the plan so as to avoid consequences of low and high sugar level. Take a blood sugar test anytime using a device called glucometer. Other recommended tests or exam

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