Well equipped Out Patient Department with the entire latest generation high end Diagnostic Instruments

  • Pure point Green Laser - from Alcon, USA
    For Diabetic Retinopathy, Treatment of Retinal Holes, Retinal Teares, etc.
  • B-Scan- Ultrasound of Eye - Eye cubed V4 from ELLEX, Australia.
    For diagnosis of Vitreo Retinal problems, tumors and extra ocular pathology
  • Heidelberg Spectral Multi - colour OCT + HRA from Heidelberg, Germany
  • For diagnosis Retinal problems, diagnosis and assements of Glaucoma, Identification of problems in the front part (Anterior segments) of the Eyes. Doing Angiography for the diagnosis of Vascular problems.
  • Super Q-ND Yag Laser is also from ELLEX, Australia
    For clearing up opacities behind the Intra Ocular Lens, for creating alternate pathway for fluid flow in Glaucoma
  • Visual Field Analyzer - Humphrey HFA (Perimeter) from Carl Zeiss, Germany
    For qualitative assessment of field of Vision
  • Auto Refracto Keratometer KR-800 from Topcon, Japan
    For routine refraction and keratometry for Contact lens fitting
  • Video Slit Lamp SL D7 WI from Topcon, Japan
    For Routine Bio-microscopy of the Eye
  • Specular Microscope WI Pachymetry SP 1P from Topcon, Japan.
    For Endothelial cell count and density counts to increase the safety of the Cataract Surgery
  • Indirect Ophthalmoscope from Appasamy
    For viewing the Retina.
  • Applanation Tonometer Haag Streit AT 900 from Haag Street Surgicals, Switzerland
    For measuring the Intra Ocular Pressure of the Eye.

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