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speciality hospitals in kolkata
speciality hospitals in kolkata
speciality hospitals in kolkata

The Department of Transfusion Medicine and Blood Bank offers the following facilities for patients and donors

  • Blood donation in a congenial environment with facility of post-donation counselling
  • Availability of blood donor registry for both positive & negative group patients
  • Plateletpheresis, multicomponent collections and therapeutic aphaeresis for indicated patients
  • Availability of leukoreduced blood and blood compunents
  • Blood grouping, cross-matching and antibody screening of all patients by latest automated technology
  • Blood donor screening by both automated chemiluminescence technology & NAT technology
  • Dedicated, regular Quality assurance program ensuring quality, adequacy & safety of blood transfusion
  • Transfusion management of critically ill patients, thalassemia, haemophilia, major surgeries, coagulopathies, autoimmune disorders, platelet disorders etc
  • Specialized blood and blood components for paediatric transfusion
  • Dedicated thalassemia clinic
  • Consultancy by Transfusion specialist

Investigation facilities

  • Blood grouping
  • Coombs test: Direct & Indirect
  • Antibody screening & identification
  • Minor phenotyping
  • Resolution of blood group discrepancy
  • Characterization of an antibody with regards to type, subtype, potency, thermal amplitude & specificity
  • Complete serological evaluation of autoimmune hemolytic anemia
  • Facilities for elution & adsorption of antibodies
  • Screening of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH)
  • Heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) screening
  • Saliva testing for secretor status
  • Complete work-up of a transfusion reaction

Special procedure facilities

  • Plateletpheresis (Single donor platelet)
  • Plasmapheresis or Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE)
  • Therapeutic platelet reduction
  • Leukapheresis
  • Stem cell collection & cryopreservation
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy for management of erythrocytosis

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