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Digital Orthopantogram (OPG)

we use Digital X-ray technology, which is based on electronic sensors and computers. One of the principal advantages compared to film based systems is the much greater exposure latitude. This means many fewer repeated scans, which reduces patient exposure to radiation. Lost X-rays can also be retrieved if the digital file is saved. Other significant advantages include instantly viewable images, the ability to enhance images, the ability to email images to practitioners and clients (without needing to digitize them first), easy and reliable document handling, and most of all reduced X-ray exposure to the patient !!


Digital Radiovisiography is the latest X-ray technology in dentistry. Digital radiovisograph is equipped with special image analysis software, and in digital technology it is possible to enlarge the images and thei r saving in the patient's file. Some of the advantages of the digital radiovisiography: reduced radiation of the patient compared with conventional X-ray, upto 80% faster imaging technique, makes use of intra oral sensor, does not involve intra oral films or conventional dark room developing techniques. RVG produces high quality digital image on the computer screen immediately and the file is save on the patient’s name.

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