Date: 4 Feb 2016

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals (AGHL), Kolkata, the leader in modern healthcare management in Eastern India, is at the forefront of the battle against cancer. On the occasion of World Cancer Day, an initiative that unites people across the globe in a combined fight against the disease, AGHL organized a discussion session on the theme, "We Can I Can." Attended by a panel of eminent doctors, the chess wizard, Mr. Dibyendu Barua, and the popular actor, singer and composer, Mr. Kharaj Mukherjee, the session discussed the various advances that have strengthened our hands in the war against cancer. The speakers highlighted that early detection improves the chances of effectively combating the disease, and raises survival rates. They also discussed the importance of the latest advances in diagnosis, like Liquid Biopsies and 3D Imaging Tests, besides the use of such innovations like the Novalis TX, IMRT and IGRT, Immunotherapy and Targeted drugs in the overall treatment process.

Dr Rupali Basu, President and CEO (Eastern Region), Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata Group, India, said on the occasion, "We need to realize the importance of awareness in combating the menace of cancer. When detected early, the wealth of expertise and the newest technologies and medications at our disposal allow us to ensure a complete recovery and cure. The notion that all cancer is incurable, therefore, does not hold true anymore."

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