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speciality hospitals in kolkata
speciality hospitals in kolkata
speciality hospitals in kolkata

The Sugar model aims to ensure accessible and holistic diabetic care that caters to any stage of the disorder afflicting an individual. The structure is framed such that the formats maximise reach, bringing diabetes care to your doorstep and the depth of care, ensuring a diabetic receives the right kind of protocoled treatment which the diabetic would need to better his/ her condition.

Largely the model rests on two formats which can be seen to function as a hub and spoke:

Advanced Diabetes Management Centres (ADMCs)/ Advanced Center for Obesity, Diabetes, Endocrinology (ACODE) are tertiary care centres that address major complications and in-patient procedures associated with severe diabetes. They offer super specialty consulting and complications management, with multi-disciplinary care team comprising cardiologists, neurologists, nephrologists and other experts for comorbidities management.

Sugar Clinics (Shop-in-shop inside Clinics or Shop-in-shop Hospitals) are diabetes management clinics that provides comprehensive outpatient care, in the neighbourhood. These are more compact formats designed to cater to people with pre-diabetes or people diagnosed with diabetes with minor complications.

The larger clinics would consist of all clinical requirements to serve people with diabetes and basic complications, while the smaller ones, including the Sugar Inside (coming soon), house basic equipment which aid in diagnosing the condition and refer the patient (based on his/ her comorbidities condition) to either the larger Sugar clinic or full-fledged ADMC/ ACODE in large hospitals.

Sugar Plus is a diabetes management clinic that provides comprehensive outpatient care. It caters to people living with pre-diabetes and diabetes with minor complications.

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